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Support Letter Template Available, October 1, 2020

Every two years, the Governor is required to present a draft budget to the legislature. That budget of his priorities and programs is released in late November/early December. Ahead of that release, he works with the Office of Financial Management to prioritize funding priorities.

Where WACD and districts can play a role in supporting programs is right now, by showing support for the Conservation Commission before those decisions are made. We’ve written a sample letter for districts to use as a template for their own use, speaking to why you believe state funding is necessary for your district programs.

Download: FY21-23–Decision Package Support Letter–TEMPLATE 

Access the capital and operating budget proposals:

If you district believes it can support the Commission’s budget, please plan to mail your letter to the Governor before October 30th. You can email a copy of your letter to those agency staff handling the Commission’s budget, as well as notifying WACD and the Commission, by using the links below. And consider sending a copy to your state legislators, so they are aware too.

Tom Salzer –
Carol Smith –
Jim Cahill –
Leslie Cushman –
Myra Baldini –
Jen Masterson –