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About WACD

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WACD supports conservation districts in their work with government, partner organizations, businesses, private landowners and working lands managers to implement best management practices, to utilize innovative equipment and materials, to provide technical assistance, and to develop expertise to address resource issues.

WACD, through the work of its leadership, professional staff and its members, provides support to conservation districts in the areas of technical capacity development, leadership training, government relations, strategic planning, governance, conservation funding, legislation and information sharing. WACD’s initiatives allow conservation districts to use their collective strengths to accomplish what cannot be done individually.


Conservation districts work with landowners on a voluntary basis, providing incentive-based conservation help on private lands. Why? Because private land management is key to conserving Washington State’s renewable natural resources. Conservation districts are a unique form of non-regulatory government, matching local needs with technical and financial resources to help landowners solve on-the-ground conservation issues. Two-hundred and twenty five (225) Washington citizens devote their time, energy and talent in providing local governance of Washington’s 45 conservation districts! Chapter 89.08 Revised Code of Washington authorizes conservation districts and provides the framework for their activities.

Learn more by contacting your local conservation district office. For a map of the districts by geographical area, follow this link – Find Your District.