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Spring is arriving and with it a new year of Good News Gardens ministry, March 4, 2021

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Curry describes Good News Gardens as “A way of planting seeds for a new heaven and a new earth,” in this video invitation to join with others in this transformational agrarian ministry that feeds body, mind, and spirit. Good News Gardens is a church-wide movement of individuals, congregations, schools, colleges, seminaries, monasteries, camps and conference centers involved in a variety of food and creation care ministries – gardening, farming, beekeeping, composting, gleaning, feeding, and food justice advocacy. Collectively good news gardeners share their abundance, their prayers, and the Way of Love in their communities and beyond.

“Our call as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement is to follow Jesus Christ and his way of love, growing in faith and action, in order that we can bear witness to his way of love in and for the world,” said Jerusalem Greer, Episcopal Church staff officer for evangelism, “And we believe that one place we can bear witness to this love is through our relationship with the land. We believe that when we commit to planting more (be it beehives or herb gardens), praying more (with our words and our deeds), and proclaiming more (through our stories and our bounty) in order to share the loving, liberating, and life-giving Good News of God’s love with all people, we will find ourselves, our church, and our world transformed. Good News Gardens offers individuals, congregations, and dioceses a way to join in this transformation work intentionally.”

Read more about the Good News Garden program and the contributions of partners like the Spokane Conservation District to their success by following the link below.

Source: Episcopal News Service | Spring is arriving and with it a new year of Good News Gardens ministry