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Puget Sound Region Agriculture Drainage Conference, January 10, 2019

This conference, on Wednesday February 6th from 8:30am-4:30pm, will feature panels, presentations and discussions to share challenges, solutions, lessons learned, and begin to set the stage for potential future collaborations, research efforts, or conversations.


Please register for the first Puget Sound Region Agricultural Drainage Conference, hosted by WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The day will feature interactive panels, relevant discussions, and ample time for networking and meeting folks working on similar issues. Presentations/Panels will include:

  • A panel discussion among farmers in the Puget Sound Region sharing their perspective of challenges and opportunities for improving agricultural drainage.
  • “Case Study: Can Drainage Pumps and Fish Co-Exist?”, a presentation by Ryan Bartelheimer of Snohomish Conservation District, and former Drainage District Commissioner.
  • A panel discussion featuring managers from multiple regional drainage management organizations, sharing their experience leading the way towards improved agricultural drainage management.
  • “Climate Change and Water Management”- a co-presentation by Crystal Raymond of UW Climate Impacts Group and Cindy Dittbrenner of Snohomish Conservation District discussing potential climate change impacts on drainage and water management, and work underway in Snohomish County to address these impacts.
  • Brief presentations on “Issues to Track”, including the Hirst Decision and the Culvert Decision.
  • Meet & Greet networking session for Drainage or Irrigation District Commissioners.

If there are farmers who lead/work on ag drainage/water management issues in your area who are not current Commissioners, they’d be welcome too!