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Member and partner content moving to the Hub, February 9, 2021

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WACD recently surveyed members about our weekly “5 Things” newsletter and the responses were clear: make it shorter and make it longer.

This presented WACD with a conundrum. How could we satisfy the group asking for more brevity and the group asking for us to continue, and even increase, the amount of content we provide?

Our solution is to move content that is focused on members and partners from WACD’s main website to a subsite we are calling the WACD Hub (or just the Hub). The Hub brings together original content and information from a wide range of external sources into one space for our conservation district members and conservation partners.

This change will also allow us to improve our public-facing messaging on our main website.

In direct response to members, we will shorten our 5 Things weekly newsletter by including links to member-focused and partner-focused content on the Hub. This change provides a short, easily consumed newsletter to those who don’t want to wade through a lot of content while also providing access to those who want more information.

We invite you to visit the Hub and provide feedback that will help us improve this informative service.