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King CD hires staff to address local wildfire concerns, August 8, 2019

Courtesy of the National Association of Conservation Districts.


The King Conservation District (KCD) in Renton, Wash., has long worked with landowners on forest stewardship planning. Recently, within the past three years, KCD has expanded its work to cover wildfire resiliency and preparedness.

When word spread that KCD covered wildfire resiliency and preparedness, many landowners began requesting the district’s services. The increase in public interest led to contacts with homeowners’ associations and other small communities who had wildfire concerns and green space that the members were responsible for.

“There were no resources for [these small communities] beyond having to hire a contractor,” KCD Program Manager for Urban and Rural Forest Stewardship Mike Lasecki said. “So, we saw the most impact on the ground with working with those communities. We identified this need in the local county to provide this service at the community scale.”

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