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Amy McKay

Position: Vice President
Amy McKay, WACD Vice-President
Amy McKay, WACD Vice-President

Whitman Conservation District

Conservation issues are hugely important to Amy, considering her and her family’s farming and ranching livelihood depend on sustainable conservation practices to keep the ground healthy for crops and animals to prosper. Amy furthered her interests in agricultural conservation by joining the Whitman Conservation District in 2017 as a supervisor. In 2018, she was chosen to serve on the WACD State Board of Directors as one of two SE Area Directors. Then, at the 2019 Annual WACD Meeting, she was selected to be secretary on the Executive Committee. She believes that for animals and people to coexist harmoniously, conservation practices need to be approached in a unique way. This individuality will permit people to be successful in earning a living and allow flora and fauna the habitat they need to thrive.  Informing landowners about conservation practices will improve their land and enhance the surrounding ecosystem. Amy earned a B.S. in biology from Eastern Washington University.  When she is not volunteering her time for the conservation district, she can be found assisting her husband with their farm and ranch responsibilities, working in a salon as a colorist/stylist and doting on her horses, dogs, cats and chickens.