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The Washington Association of Conservation Districts envisions a future where our state’s private lands are healthy and productive for generations to come. We are a non-profit organization supporting and empowering Washington’s 45 community-led conservation districts to partner with farmers, ranchers, other landowners, and communities on voluntary, incentive-based conservation. WACD provides leadership training, facilitates information sharing, and serves as a unified voice for the needs of conservation districts, thereby amplifying their impact on our state’s lands. As trusted partners, our local volunteers provide the gateway to resources landowners need to care for their lands in the best way possible.

Farmers, ranchers, and family foresters are the original conservationists. Better stewardship of our state’s private lands means healthy habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife.

WACD is now expanding our support of landowners and communities across the state and applying lessons learned from 75 years of experience to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our conservation programs. Your financial support can help to launch several new efforts including: tribal outreach and partnership building, leadership development and technical proficiency training for conservation district employees, and new public service announcements to educate landowners about voluntary, incentive-based, common-sense conservation approaches they can implement on their land.

To learn more about how you can participate in and support our efforts in providing technical assistance and educational opportunities, please contact Bob Schroeter, Executive Director, at 360-754-3588 x125 or by email at bschroeter@wadistricts.org, or Candra Grimm at 360-754-3588 x121 or by email at cgrimm@wadistricts.org. Please consider how you can make a difference!