Forestry Committee purpose and mission


The Forestry Committee’s stated purpose for this online resource is to promote forestry communications:

  • Between Washington’s Conservation Districts,
  • About Washington’s Conservation Districts, and
  • For Washington’s Conservation Districts.


Increase and facilitate, within Washington state’s conservation district community, knowledge, management, and information sharing of sustainable forestry to provide great service to all of our clients.


The audience for this website is people involved in forestry on conservation districts in Washington state. We are not trying to communicate with the entire forestry community but are focusing on Washington’s conservation districts in our role of providing guidance and advice to our clients. It is for conservation district: staff, supervisors, volunteers, WACD and WADE, NRCS staff and advisors, Conservation Commission staff and advisors, and other partners.

We welcome its use by other state’s Conservation Districts, individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments. Forestry information for the Washington Association of District Employees is also included on this page.