Forestry Committee charge and organization

Commitee Charge

We will build on prior work in forestry. The charge to the Forestry Committee prior to fall of 2008 was:

  • Identify all local, state and federal programs and funding sources related to private forest lands and their stewardship.
  • Identify which forest lands and conservation districts within the state of Washington would qualify, participate in or be interested in these programs.
  • Prepare a strategy to coordinate private forest lands and conservation districts involvement.
  • Identify issues and conflicts that exist on private forest land and create strategies for solution.
  • Participate actively in coordination with NACD forestry committee.
  • Create working relations with local, state and federal forestry agencies and private organizations.

Committee Organization

The committee’s organization is evolving. It will include, among others, staff and supervisors, east and west side representation, and the WACD executive director. Please contact Doug Rushton, chair of the committee, with any comments or suggestions (