Who We Are

The Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) is a voluntary, non-governmental association to serve as the collective voice of conservation districts, and to advance the purposes of conservation districts and their constituents by providing leadership, advocacy, representation, influence, information, and products & services, and by protecting and advancing the locally-led principle.  To learn more about us, please see our Mission Statement.

WACD is a non-profit association serving as the unified voice speaking for the interests of 45 conservation districts and landowners in all parts of the state. We support and empower conservation districts, enabling conservation districts to accomplish more collectively than any one could on their own.  Specific goals of the WACD are accomplished through member conservation district participation, WACD legislative activities, capacity building and the work of numerous standing issue committees and task forces, all supported by Conservation Districts and our partners.

Conservation Districts are:

    • Trusted local partners
    • Local volunteers with long-standing ties to the land
    • Pioneering non-regulatory efforts initiated and carried out by landowners
    • A gateway for landowner access to tools they need to care for their land
    • A community voice for voluntary conservation
    • Conservation Districts reach every corner of the state and landowners from all backgrounds
    • Conservation Districts utilize a well-proven model with a long track record of success



The Association is governed by five officers, 12 area directors, and the President of the Washington Association of District Employees.


Executive Board

The WACD Executive Board consists of these five elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, WACD National Director, and immediate Past President. The Executive Board meets at least once a quarter.


Area Directors

Washington State’s 47 conservation districts belong to regional organizations called area associations. Each area association elects two area directors who serve on the WACD Board of Directors. The detailed knowledge and understanding of conservation districts brought to the Board by these 12 area directors helps assure WACD policies and actions remain on track throughout the year.

Area directors operate within the by-laws of WACD and according to the policies set by the Association. Each area director is elected by members in their area to serve a two-year term. Each area association meets at least annually.



The Executive Director carries out the day-to-day business of the Association. WACD is committed to maintaining effective working relationships with other state and national agencies and organizations who work with natural resource issues.


For More Information

More information on the Association is available at 360-754-3588 x121 or 360-757-1094. Click here for more contact information.