2018 WACD Resolutions

Below are the nineteen resolutions passed out of the six area meetings for consideration at the WACD Annual Conference.

At this stage, the resolutions have been assigned to various WACD committees for their recommendations on the merits of the resolutions and to propose any amendments. They will also work to potentially consolidate and reconcile similar resolutions. This will be communicated to the Association at the Business Meeting on November 28th.

We hope by sharing these resolutions in advance of the Annual Conference that conversations at local board meetings can generate additional insight by giving time to reflect on the merits of each resolution.


Finance Committee

2018-03 Feasibility study to simplify annual WACD dues calculations and rankings
Lewis Conservation District


Natural Resources Committee

2018-07 Allow Dike Maintenance without Emergency Declaration
Okanogan Conservation District

2018-08 Amend the method for determining EQIP funding levels for each area
Okanogan Conservation District

2018-09 Supporting Funding for the Fire Adapted Communities, Forest/ Rangeland Health Program (Consolidated)
Okanogan Conservation District, Skagit Conservation District, Underwood Conservation District

2018-15 Conservation Practices on Prevented Planting Acres
Palouse Conservation District

2018-17 Conservation Impacts of Straw Removal and Transportation
Palouse Conservation District

2018-18 CRP Soil Rental Rates and Soil Productivity Factors
Asotin County Conservation District


Legislative, Bylaws, and District Policies Committee

2018-01 Quorum for WACD Business Meeting
Whidbey Island Conservation District

2018-04 Addressing State Policy on Water Quantity and Availability
Cowlitz Conservation District

2018-05 Fully staff local Natural Resource Conservation Services offices
South Douglas Conservation District

2018-06 Allow More Meeting Refreshment Options
Okanogan Conservation District

2018-10 Allow Increased NRCS Attendance at Conservation District Board Meetings
Okanogan Conservation District

2018-11 Allow Programmatic Funding in Commission’s Natural Resource Investment
Okanogan Conservation District

2018-12 Change in Voting at WACD Annual Meeting
Cascadia Conservation District

2018-13 Support for Regional Conservation Planning Training
Grant County Conservation District

2018-14 Support for Regional Conservation Planning Training
Palouse Conservation District

2018-16 Funding allocation to conservation districts
Palouse Conservation District